This is a program for in-car use, but it can be used out of the car as a media player.
Its designed in python using pygame. The main goal is to have an easy to navigate
program while having it look good. The features will include mp3/divx/mpeg/dvd and other media files.

This is under the GNU/GPL license.

Current Features
- MP3/WAV/OGG support
- ID3 tagging
- Supports any screen resolution
- Skinable (kind of :))
- Album Art
- Thats it for now :)

Why do this?
That is a good question. I have had a car computer for around 3 years running windows, and I hate windows. The slow boot
times make it a bad solution for in-car use. Linux can be easily stripped down to be very fast and use minimal memory.
I wanted to make a good looking and functional application for in car use. This means a UI that is is very pleasing
to look at and also very easy to navigate. It should work with touchscreen, mouse or remote control.

There are some great apps out there in the windows world which kept me using windows for so long. Once I discovered
pygame I feel in love with it and said I can now make a great looking linux app.

Everyone loves screenshots so here are a few. The UI is very basic and it looks ugly since it's still in alpha and
I made it look that way to show what it can handle. In the future the app will be fully skinable. You'll be able
to place anything anywhere you wish and set it up to meet your needs!

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Screenshot #3
Screenshot #4

Download version .5

Help Wanted
If you are interesting in helping, let me know. I need developers and more
then anything I'd like to get one good graphic person to do a really
nice looking skin. So contact me ASAP!

Email: mike at zcentric dot com
IRC: Jy or Jy- on Efnet. Join me in #mp3car
AIM: Hijinks7
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